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Injunuity is an Animated Documentary about Native American life.  The Injunuity portal is a free website that explores the concepts and themes that the show introduces.  We draw from all over the web to weave a factual story for each episode. 


Homepage: Through 2013 an episode will rollout each month and be available from the homepage.  use the thumbnails to view a preview image and summary, click on "Watch Episode" to view video and additional content.

Episode Pages: Access additional content while you watch an episode by clicking on a word as it falls down the page.  Articles, Images, Videos and Audio relevent to the word you clicked will be available in a preview.  Click on the title of a preview to learn more.

Map View: The map is an opportunity to visualize the community and the issues and ideas that matter to us. We invite you to contribute videos, images, articles and your inspired words to the map.  To do so click the "Contribute to the map" link on the Map page (you must register first). 

To discuss the concepts in the show with others, visit our tumblr page.

If you have problems with the site or with the content, use click the envelope to the right to contact us and we will get back to you.

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